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Buy Turkey Eggs

Linda with turkeys

Our turkeys are now fully-grown, egg-laying healthy birds who are enjoying life to its fullest, long after they would usually have been slaughtered for a Christmas dinner.

Our turkeys' eggs are now for sale, and we believe Hen Heaven is the only place in the UK, if not Europe, to sell cruelty-free turkey eggs, where the cocks and hens can live a full life and not be slaughtered either for Christmas or after they stop laying.

As with our chicken eggs, the turkey eggs are laid in the natural, old fashioned way. The turkeys roam freely, eating the grasses and herbs which give the yolks their colour. Their food contains no animal matter, chemicals, colourings or drugs. Each turkey is happy, healthy and chooses when and where to lay her egg.

At the farm gate

Please contact us by phone at least one day in advance to arrange an appointment and to ensure we have your eggs ready. You can buy any amount of eggs, even just one.


Turkey Egg Recipes

Turkey eggs are both larger and taste much richer than ordinary eggs; they can be used in most of the same recipes as chicken eggs, but provide a slightly different (and we would say better) taste, good in both savoury and sweet recipes; for example, you can use just two eggs (as opposed to the usual three) and make a fantastic light sponge. Please email us if you have any further recipes.


Turkey eggs can be boiled just as ordinary eggs, but take a bit longer - 6 minutes or so, depending on egg size.


This makes a great tasting omelette; it is far stronger and richer than an ordinary omelette. Use two eggs per person, and beat together very well, until the eggs are completely mixed, with no separate white and yellow. Fry without oil - it's not needed - and then make up as for any normal omelette.

Yorkshire Pudding (or Toad in the Hole)


Beat very well, and heat up a large disk with oil/trex (one large pudding) or muffin/cupcake tin (several small puddings). Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 45 minutes (in one dish), or place into cupcake dishes and bake for 25 minutes.

If you want to make a toad in the hole, then make the batter, heat up the large pan and oil/trex, use the large dish, add the oil, and put 4-6 sausages (vegan, veggie or meat) with a medium well-chopped onion in with it. Cook for 15 minutes, and then add the batter and cook for 45 minutes.